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About Us

International Experience

From an imaginary and creative mind, everything started with the restless and entrepreneurial spirit of our CEO & Founder Sergio Thäus. Young and with an international business vision Sergio started his activities across the border in his country of origin Brazil. Self-dictated in the real estate area, he graduated as a real estate agent, remaining in this situation for 6 months. 

Less than a year later Sergio joined two investors to build his first project for commercial sale. With sales success in the first project, Sergio found himself impelled to reach levels that before existed only in his imaginary world. 

In 2012, Thäus Negócios Imobiliários was established in Brazil. New investors and partners approached and quickly two major challenges were facing Sergio's decisions. The first challenge was to start building 200 housing units for the public included in the federal program of the Brazilian government and the second challenge was the international expansion of the Thäus NI structure recently started in Brazil.

Without a doubt, Sergio has started yet another level in his international career. In 2015, Thäus Holding International Corp. located in Panama strategically to get closer to major international investors and the new structure to be created in the state of Florida in the USA. Then, in 2016, the first Thäus Group company in North America was born: Weegron.

In the phase of structuring and continuous expansion Sérgio does not stop. Passionate about what he does and surrounded by professionals with the same international business vision, this corporate structure is reaching higher and higher flights with projections in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East markets.

At the same time, new projects are still on the agenda in the elaboration and construction phase. Soon new challenges will be reached and here you are the one who receives the gift with us. We are a company that our priority is the satisfaction of our customers...Wait and welcome!

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